When Songs Speak to You…….

Bless me blog father it has been 6 months since my last post

There are VERY good reasons for this….I've been through some major life and work changes since last posting and my focus needed to be very much in the moment.

So….it's time to reconnect with my lovely "it's all about the voice" project…

Here's what inspired me to write

I’ve just been watching an amazing performance of Coldplay on Radio 1’s Big Weekend coverage. I talked myself into not loving Coldplay about 9 years ago when a very painful relationship end shaped my associations with lots of my favourite music, including this song.

I tweeted a message out regarding this and one of my dear friends happened to catch the tweet – tiny coincidence I think not- serendipity is always magical. Here’s how the convo went ….




20140524-234305-85385749.jpg<br /
I'm a Singer

I'm a Musician

I'm a Songwriter

Music is sacred to me….it truly cuts/touches/resonates deeply with me, like a lot of us! Sometimes too deeply. And it's interesting when you spend your life helping others to connect either with themselves or music and their voice, sometimes you forget to reconnect with your own.

And then sometimes you might reach out and express it…. And someone who loves and supports you will remind you who you are and where you've been….and that moment half an hour ago spoke hugely to me because it was conducted through a shared resonance with a song and it's poetry!

And then this…..

So, here I am……reconnecting. I love the feeling of having the space to be creative…..I need the space for creation when it's truly meaningful to me. I create every day in my business Sing & Inspire, but it’s not the same as my soul creation. My raw vulnerability on show. My song lyrics, my writing, my art……..my true voice!

I am quite wonderfully and unexpectedly proud to say that I’m now a Huffington Post Blogger…… Which I’m outrageously humbled and grateful for…this is linked to my recent story. I could update you on what’s been going on for me but that’s another post….which I’ll do this week. I promise. Let’s just say there have been HUGE shifts and the universe is powerful.

I’d love to hear about your heart, love, hurt, teenage, sad, crush, beauty, life association remembrance songs that have epitomised moments in your lives..I’m looking forward to reading your comments, please do be brave enough to share them…I’m interested to connect with you and your stories!

It really is all about the voice đŸ™‚

Thanks for reading and staying with me while I’ve been on my little break- I do value you as a follower! Until next week.





2 thoughts on “When Songs Speak to You…….

  1. Well you asked me to be brave….so here goes.

    Immediately after reading this blog entry a song came into my consciousness, before I name it though I should explain the significance it has to me.

    A few years ago we tragically lost a star, a young bright intelligent man, who had a natural gift for music and art, and who was trying to (always with a smile and the patience of a saint) to teach me to play guitar. A guy who had not always had it easy, having had numerous heart operations and subsequently a heart transplant. Always one to encourage fun in learning we didn’t begin learning how to read chords or which stings produced which notes we simply chose a song and dove straight in.

    That song was Wonderwall – Oasis, a simple song but one that will always remind me of my best mate wherever I am and whatever I am doing. The song was indeed played at his funeral, but instead of becoming a song of sadness and mourning, it was a song of never giving up, of trying your best at all you can do, and a reminder that whenever an obstacle is in your way, never giving up finding a way past it.

    • Thank you SO much Dan for sharing……I had a similar experience with a best friend of mine who we lost far too soon also. ‘As’ by Stevie Wonder is the soul filled track for him (and was played at his funeral too)

      It’s amazing how we connect to sounds….there’s a chemical reaction in our bodies that links to both our melodic and emotional memory when we associate intense emotion with intense circumstance …..Thanks again for your bravery, I think your comment will resonate with many x

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