Music, music, music….

Yesterday I had a great day of music.

I gave a very close, historic friend a singing lesson as he’s recently joined the ‘Chaps choir’ in London.

After some fairly intense technique, we started to tackle the tension in his body and he began the process of unlocking his voice which was amazingly rewarding for me. The friend in question Peter, is a therapist and holistic practitioner. He’s someone who is used to making a hugely positive impact on people’s lives and ‘making them feel better’ so when after his lesson he said, “I need to have singing lessons with you regularly because it will help my confidence, I feel empowered….” I was not only really honoured and proud, but thought he’s a great case study for my unlocking the voice project and perhaps I can use his story for ‘it’s all about the voice’. Watch this space to see what happens over the coming months.

Then, in the evening my gorgeous husband and I went to see Bonobo at the sold out final show of his ‘North boarders tour’ in The Great Hall in Cardiff University. I spent many nights in the venue as a student (many many moons ago). And It was very nostalgic. I love Bonobo’s music, it’s got the right vibe of lyrical dance music I resonate with from when I was younger with some fantastic instrumentation, songs and visuals thrown in. Amazing banging bass and rhythm lines too to make you dance. I love music that has depth, it’s like eating rich food- it’s so nourishing! It helps that Simon Green, AKA Bonobo seems an all round hard working nice guy musician- who I identify with and I’m all for supporting! Check him out here, well worth getting the new album.


Bonobo is accompanied by the most wonderful singer Szjerdene, not only is she a fantastic performer and singer, she’s got this amazing presence like a more beautiful Nina Simone. Her vocals made the evening for me…….and it sent my head spiralling into visualisations of performing my original material again. I guess once a performer, always a performer, so I’m going to have to honour that desire and get on the band wagon again….(thanks Universe) I’ve got a wealth of change happening in my life at the moment so re kindling the writing might be the key to sanity. Who knows!

Here’s a picture of the beautifully handsome Szjerdene just so you can put her on your radar.

So a little post to sandwich in-between story posts, there will be a new story up this week so pop back.

Until then, for me, it really is all about the voice, in so many ways, and as always, music is so essential for keeping life flowing, and such a great frequency changer……music helps me feel good instantly… about you?



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