Compelled to sing…

I’m so happy that lots of you are getting involved with sending in your stories about your experiences with singing. Please keep sending them. I’ll be emailing out templates for you stories this week so keep an eye out in your inboxes for an email from me.

I thought I’d share this story with you about a beautiful old gent I’ve met called Neville.

Neville is 85 years young and is compelled to sing. He sings ALL the time with the most amazing untrained bass baritone voice! I usually see him in my local Sainsbury’s supermarket singing very loudly while perusing the isles or packing his shopping.

Each time I see him my heart bursts with fondness and emotion. Last time I spoke to him I agreed to help him ‘sing with some instruments’ before he dies. Which I though was so humble of him.

Anyway, Neville has the most wonderful energy which I hope you might pick up on this youtube film, so enjoy….and remember that finding ones voice nearly always results in personal happiness!

Here’s the you tube link for you to experience Neville!

And one here that shows him in action…..

I’m afraid I haven’t worked out how to upload videos in wordpress yet, but I hope you feel compelled to press the link…..I ll post out the links on twitter too.

Until next time…..



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