And so it begins……


and so it begins……

and so here I am……

and it’s time…….

I find myself finally starting it – not talking about it but doing it….and it’s all for good!

About 5 years ago I had an idea for a book! I bought the domain name, talked to some people and decided to do it! Like many, many things in my creative entrepreneurial life I started something and let it slide……

The universe likes action. People like stories and I have a burning desire which is finally burning deep enough that it can’t sit on a shelf anymore. I have to write this book.

I renewed that domain when the renewals came round……and then let it go last year. I thought “I’m not a writer, I write music not books” and I thought, “I’m too busy with the business, with the wedding, with all my other excuses”

Then last week, I had the green light. I checked and couldn’t believe that the domain hadn’t been bought up. It was still there resonating with me…..”Buy me, buy me – get of your backside and do this! You can do it!” And so I bought it – again! And here I am.

Those of you who know me know that I’ve seen literally hundreds of people one on one as a singing teacher and music industry voice coach over the past 19 years (yes that long!). I’ve seen people cry for fear of singing their 1st note, I’ve watched people tremble with fear and lose their breath for fear of singing in front of someone and I’ve held the hand of every single one of those people who went on the journey of finding their voice. I’ve also had the privilege and pleasure of seeing so many talented people find confidence, become assertive, make positive choices, open their eyes to their possibilities and chase their dreams.

My teaching style is intrusive, as is my coaching style – I used to apologise for it but now I realise that part of my journey is to be a ‘Barnabus’, an ‘encourager’, an enabler of confidence and my passion for helping and coaxing people to reach their next chapter has many times defined my own self-worth. I understand now that looking back over the years I was honing the skill of being an inspirer.

At the heart of my life lies the voice – everything I’ve done has pretty much been about singing or talking and my voice has paid my mortgage for a very long time. My ethical, spiritual and moral background has given me a grounding that relationships and people are paramount to our existence and happiness.

I’ve always given…I’ve always given my time, always given my energy, always given hospitality, expertise, creativity, an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on and for the most part my house is an open house for people in need. My ‘give’ has served me well in life – regardless of some criticism I may have had over the years – “put yourself first”, “look after yourself”. I know now that taking care of me, recharging my batteries, eating good food, sleeping and allowing myself to grow means I can be much more effective with other people. Peak performance features a lot in my daily life, and in my vast experience, when you combine the ingredients of a can do attitude, possibility and singing? Watch out, because something very wonderful happens.

I set up the amazing Sing & Inspire with my business partner and friend Georgina Jones in 2008. Since then I’ve continued to coach, mentor and teach but I’ve also watched literally hundreds of people involved in our choirs transform, feel better and change their lives in a positive way. We set up the company because we knew that the transformational method of voice coaching I had been practicing for nearly a decade could be taken to business – in a positive way, and get results.

For about 5 years now, I’ve been collecting people who will share their inspirational stories. Their fights and fears. Their happiness and success. Their tears of frustration and their tears of joy. I have reduced the people from my teaching list to around 75 people since 2002 who have agreed to give me their stories….I think a few will end up in the book….and I’m offering anyone from any Inspire Choirs to share their stories too.

You see – I know that the journey we start on when we start singing regularly, or we learn to sing, or we unlock our voice…. can be and is life changing.

It really is “all about the voice!”

If you want to share your story and have been involved with me or Sing & Inspire please email me on Your story can feature on here and may end up in the book……

I can’t promise how many will end up in the final edit, but I can tell you that every single person who shares their story will be inspiring others in ways unimaginable.

Until next time….keep singing your song!



6 thoughts on “And so it begins……

  1. Andrea this is so amazing! Congratulations on moving forward in such a big way. The domain being available is **always** a sign from the Universe that its been saved especially for you. =)

    Look forward to all the new updates!

    Much love,

  2. This is great Andrea you have so much to share and such a big heart. You have, like you say, been a hospitable person and I for one know of that first hand. Plus having been given a tremendous powerful voice. All the best with this and may you bless all who read it.
    Sheena Holland.

  3. You really are so inspiring! Keep it coming! The domain name still being available 100% a sign of everything happening for a reason! Cant wait for the next instalment! Xx

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